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Success Through Partnership
Would you like to own an international online trading business?

If so what we have to offer maybe of interest.

Many years ago online retailers operated as independent stores with their own premises, advertising etc. Eventually they realized that unless they had significant scale it was too difficult and the risk was too high to operate as an isolated independent destination retailer. They starting grouping together in clusters which became strip malls and eventually large destination shopping malls. E-tailing is going through a similar evolutionary process and we are likely to see significant change in the way online retail does business in the future.

All World Shops has developed a leading edge business model for successful online retailing. This will be a group of businesses from over one hundred countries working together through sharing of technology and information to drive business for the benefit of all individual member stores. This system will be available as an exclusive territorial business franchise from 2007. If you would like to receive franchise information when
it becomes available please SEND US AN EMAIL to register your interest.



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New Zealand Shopping
Chinese Tea Shop

New Zealand Shopping at its best

The New Zealand Shop



Shop New ZealandNew Zealand online Department Store for New Zealand Gifts.
The Honey Shop – Supplier of Manuka Honey and other New Zealand honey products.
The Beauty Shop – Online shop for beauty products including Manuka Honey Skincare.
The Health Store – Online health store selling a large range of New Zealand Health products.
The Sheepskin Store – Online store for sheepskin slippers and other sheepskin products.
The Food Shop – Online store selling a large selection of New Zealand food products.
The Toy Shop – Quality toys delivered worldwide.
The Baby Store – Online Baby Shop selling New Zealand baby products.
The Jewelry Store – Quality jewelry delivered worldwide.
China Tea Shop – Selling green tea and other Chinese tea worldwide.
New Zealand Shops – The best of New Zealand online shopping.
Shop FijiDelivering the products of Fiji to the world.
The Aromatherapy Store – Online store selling New Zealand Aromatherapy products.
The Art Store – Online store selling New Zealand art.
The Clothing Store – Online clothing shop for the best of New Zealand clothing.
The Hamper Shop – Online shop offering a wide selection of New Zealand hampers.
The Homeware Store – Delivering homeware products to the world.
The Sports Store - Online shop for sporting goods.
The Sports Nutrition StoreNew Zealand made sports nutrition products.
The Music Store – Online shop for New Zealand music.
The Wine Shop - Online shop specializing in New Zealand wine.
The Book Store – Online book store for New Zealand books and other books.
Shop Australia – Delivering Australian made products to the world.
Souvenir Shop – Real New Zealand souvenirs.
New Zealand Corporate GiftsNew Zealand made corporate gifts.
The Appliance StoreNew Zealand Appliance Store.
The Phone Shop – Buy a mobile phone online.
The Tool Shop – Buy tools for home delivery.
The Wool Store – Quality New Zealand wool products.
The Bag Shop – All kinds of bags.
The Chocolate Store – Delicious chocolates make great gifts.
The Card Shop – Send a greeting card today.
The Kitchen Store – Many things for kitchens.
The Leather Store – Quality leather products.
The Linen Shop – Selection of quality linen.
The Lingerie Store – Gift wrapped lingerie.
The Magic Shop – All things magic.
The Office Store – Products for business and home office.
The Party Store – Buy party supplies.
The Sock Shop – Socks for all occasions
The Travel Shop – Book travel online.

All World Shopping